Thought leaders zijn beter voor je merk dan influencers

It’s time to address the elephant in the room: Influencers don’t really influence anything or anyone!

Ik las deze week een interessant artikel van Elinor Cohen over invloed van influencers. Het gaat over het begrip ‘invloed’ en het fundamentele verschil tussen ‘invloed’ en ‘thought leadership’. Influencers gaan over volgers, thought leaders gaan over expertise en kennis.

Elinor schrijft: “Business wise, a brand would benefit more from working with a thought leader, who has 5000 real and engaged followers, who could become real and paying 5000 customers, than a buzzword thrower with 20k-50k followers (or more) who are only following thanks to herd behavior and who are not likely to pay for a product or a service. Real thought leaders *care* and make a point to be knowledgeable about the topics they cover.

As a brand, you better think long and hard about your marketing strategy when it comes to collaborations, campaigns and paid promotions.

You would be better off identifying and working with real thought leaders but what you really need to do is develop your own brand authority and thought leadership.

In other words, don’t think about numbers and individual sales you may or may not generate at a specific point in time. Instead, think of how you can develop genuine added value in the long term for your community.”

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Waarom heb ik dat niet bedacht!

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