After working from home in your pyjama pants for more than a year, finally you go back to the office. You put on your fancy work outfit and look forward to seeing your colleagues in real life. But the thought of being back in the office also feels a bit uncomfortable. So it’s time for a new acquaintance with your colleagues!

Discover your team’s talent

Team’s Got Talent is a one day creative teambuilding program. In four sessions, from 10:00 to 15:00 you will creatively boost your team spirit. The price is €150 per person ex VAT and lunch, with a minimum of 10 people. It can take place on your location, or in Rotterdam.

Coach: Richard Roling. 10:00-11:30

To fire up your team, you first have to charge it. But how does your team deal with the overdose of stimuli after the lock-down? Now that we are allowed to move freely again, it can be overwhelming. We think it is important to be aware of this and to help each other slow down. In a flaming session we collect everything that overstimulates us and set it on fire (also literally). What a relief!

Expect a varied mix of activities and creative methods with a big wink. This is a pressure cooker of improv theater combined with moments of reflection.

The result:

  • get out of your thinking mode
  • 100% smile guaranteed
  • learn to be in the moment
  • react and relativize

Coach: Lisa van Noorden. 11:30-12:30.

After a year of working from home, you may have gotten a little out-of-touch with your colleagues. Zooming is fun, but real bonding happens face to face. Spontaneous jokes, catching up during a break, Friday afternoon drinks. In this session you will rediscover your colleagues in a fun and creative way; by drawing each other’s portraits with charcoal.

The result:

  • colleagues see each other with fresh eyes
  • you will experience a moment of peace and concentration
  • you also improve your drawing skills

Coach: Frank Paats. 13:00 – 14:00

In this workshop you form a music group with your team, and you create your own team song. Even without musical experience! Making music is a great creative outlet and it shows how your team collaborates.  You will experience that you need each other to make music and write lyrics. In fact, it is precisely the diversity in roles and qualities that makes the end result better. We will of course provide the musical accompaniment and instruments. This is a session full of surprising adventures, fun and entertainment.

The result:

  • you will create your own team song
  • you get to know each other in a surprising, musical way
  • you and your team will experience something unique
  • the basis of trust is strengthened
  • you learn that everyone’s qualities are valuable

Coach: Theresa Hartgers. 14:00 – 15:00

How do you see your future in the work? Will you work at home, at the office, or both? How will your team work together effectively, and what are your shared ambitions? That is the leading topic in this drawing workshop. With markers and paper the whole team creates a conversation piece. We provide the materials, you provide the creativity.  1 team, 1 drawing!

The result:

  • learn something that you will enjoy for a long time
  • rediscover your common ground in a creative way
  • depicting new insights in a fresh vision of the future

Download the program (Dutch/English)

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